Privat SFI , svenska kurser

Lern the Swedish language with Languages Doktor.

Study with your own private teacher!

As a Swedish teacher, I have taught people from all over the world at all different levels in organizations and companies such as The American Embassy, the European Commission, Ericsson, Microsoft, the Swedish Tax office, SEB and McKinsey.

Tailor-made Swedish Course with guarantee to manage in national test for Swedish language

I offer tailor-made courses at all levels, from beginners in Swedish as a foreign language to advanced writing courses for native speakers. The course levels are based on the Council of Europe scale.

A Swedish study book is also included in the course price if you book a minimum of ten lessons.

• Material used: Rivstart , Mål , Form i fokus A and B, online material, PP slides, audio clips.

Swedish beginner level A1-A2

• Introduction to Swedish for beginners

• Start speaking from first lesson

• Focus on speaking and listening

• Basic grammar with focus on sentence construction

 Swedish intermediate level B1-B2

• Widening of vocab.

• Accent reduction, speaking confidence

• Intermediate grammar

Swedish Level C and D

• Conversational practice

• Accent reduction

• Modern, everyday expressions (including slang)

Swedish at work

• Developing specialized, technical vocab.

• Business etiquette (e-mail communication, phone calls, formal meetings etc)

• Presentation skills

• Accent reduction

 Swedish at university

• Developing an ‘academic voice’

• Building a specialized vocab. in your discipline

• Presentation skills

• Accent reduction


590 Kr/hour,  (8.00 AM – 20.00 PM, Monday-Friday)

690 kr/hour ,  8.00 -20.00 , saturday- sunday

• Terms and conditions:

Payment for all 10 in advance

Valid for 14 weeks from the first booked lesson

Send me an e-mail. Write your name and your e-mail och telephone number  that i kan kontakt you.

Welcome !

You kan read the information in Swedish.

Privata SFI kurser för B,C,D nivå och  svenska som andraspråk (SAS grund) 

• 590 kronor per timme måndag till fredag.

• 690 kronor per timme lördag och söndag. 

• Garanterad godkänd betyg på nationella provet

• intensiv SFI kurs 

• bok + andra övningar 


Kontakta mig via e-mejl om du vill veta mer om.

1- Skriv ditt namn

2- Ett telefonnummer så att jag kan kontakta dig.

3- Vilken kurs önskar du att läsa hos mig.




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